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Hello, I am Manuela

I introduce myself, I am Manuela
gioria, I live with my family in Alto Verbano, area of Piedmont between lakes, mountains and beautiful landscapes that, among other things, lend themselves to organize events for employers of a natural frame already wonderful in themselves.
I firmly believe in marriage, in
family and in love.
Yes, I'm an unhealable romantic and I can't do anything about it. For this
reason I wish to create an unforgettable feast for every important event in the life of each one of you: baby shower, birthdays, baptisms, communions, anniversaries and weddings.
Every event is unique and must be so it is essential to organize it in a scrupulous, precise and with originality.
 A pinch of freshness and brio are the ingredients that make the difference and can make
for us and for our guests the event itself, there are no second chances, so being organized and accurate is my mantra.
The day of my marriage was the most beautiful of my life  (m
y child was not born yet...) and exactly as I had always dreamed of it since I was a child. For this reason, my goal is to achieve an unforgettable day for every bride who will decide to turn to me for the organization of her marriage.

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